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COVID-19 Unifor ACL Bulletin



     LOCALS 2289,410,506,401                                                        

March 17,2020

The situation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak is evolving by the hour.

Unifor ACL has been working with the direction from Unifor National in conjunction with Health Canada guidelines and Bell to ensure that the most detailed and up to date information concerning COVID-19 is being distributed to our membership.

We are aware that Bell is working on contingency plans for our membership and that the response plan will continue to evolve based on further developments. Further to this, the company is exploring options for our membership to work from home. If this is something you are seeking please contact your manager regarding this availability.

At the moment, the most important piece of advice that the Council can provide our membership is to adhere to the protocols suggested by Heath Canada and use your RIGHT TO REFUSE under the Canada Labour Code if you as an individual feel you are in an unsafe situation.

We have further meetings with Bell scheduled for Thursday March 19th and we will hopefully have more information to share at that time.

Please see the following links for the most current information available regarding COVID-19:

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions- Including Right to Refuse:

COVID-19 FACT Sheet:

Government of Canada-Health Canada:



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UACL Council

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